Ali Profile Thumb


1 day ago

You get what you pay for. Area is shady due to the homeless population but residents are quiet and friendly and maintenance is very quick. Overall a good experience for a good value. Competitive price rates.

Angela Profile Thumb


3 days ago

I love that our maintenance reports back instantly when it comes to service repair requests. I do wish that the apartmetn complex would tell us ahead of time if they are planning to turn off the water but overall my experience has been great!

Cecilia Profile Thumb


7 days ago

it has been nice living here for the most part. we only had the issue of the AC freezing but other than that there hasn’t been many issues. i like the size of my apartment and it’s a deal you can’t beat.

Dallas Profile Thumb


8 days ago

Such a great experience staying here, the pool is clean constantly. They are safe on the Covid protocol at the gym as well as in the office!

Tiffany Profile Thumb


8 days ago

I enjoy living here. The location is convenient and I really enjoy the amenities such as the gym, study areas, and lunar. In addition tot that, I think that the complex is quite affordable in comparison to other complexes.

Kimberly Profile Thumb


8 days ago

I am in a 4/4. I have only been here 1 month, but I have Awesome, quiet, friendly roommates! I love my apartment! I also decorated our patio to enjoy our outdoor space! The Price was right for me!!